Project Overview

Next Generation Dental in New York needs to revamp their website to improve the reservation process and create a more user-friendly experience. The website should allow users to easily navigate and explore all of Nx Dental’s services. Additionally, users should be able to read blog posts from top dentists, while enjoying an exceptional user experience on the website.


Conceptual Design
UX/UI Design
Design Strategy

What we Did

we ensured a smooth and easy Reservation process, coupled with an excellent user experience on the website. we created a trendy UI design that catches the attention of visitors. we also reorganized and streamlined all the pages of the website, and developed a design system to maintain consistency throughout the site.



Based on the research conducted at the UX stage

we started developing wireframes. It was important to conveniently arrange the elements on the screens and provide an intuitive structure of the application.

Style Guide

Style Guide

We wanted to choose a bright and eye-pleasing color palette

and readable front, as the application will be used on all phone sizes.







UI Design

UI Design

Below we will take a look at the most important website pages separately.

Other Pages

Other Pages

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