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Lead Venger

We designed Leadvengers App to help you receive secure and registered live transfer leads. We ensure you leads generation process in compliance with Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) guidelines.
Your telemarketer or lead vendor can now direct leads to a simple landing page to opt-in in just few seconds.


Project Responsibilites

During the project, a few processes were performed in parallel such as UX design
and mood boards UI Design and presentation , this has reduced the Duration of Design Development


UX research uses various methods to uncover problems and design opportunities

UX Stage

We Collected statistics from the survey and the user interviews about their attitude to recycling the problem

UI Design

After The Previous Stages, we decided on the main visual style including color scheme ,typography and icons


Based on the research conducted at the UX stage

we started developing wireframes. It was important to conveniently arrange the elements on the screens and provide an intuitive structure of the application.

Style Guide

We wanted to choose a bright and eye-pleasing color palette

and readable front, as the application will be used on all phone sizes.









Pages Preview

Below we will take a look at the most important application screens separately.

Landing Page

Home Page

Other Pages

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